About Us

Welcome to Mr. Cool Guy Bedding & Apparel!

Your comfort is our priority!

Who doesn’t feel uncomfortable after a long workout? The sweat pours down your neck and back, and you can’t wait to shower. Hopefully, you are not in a rush to get to work or run errands! Who hasn't run into this problem? Maybe you don’t have time to shower after every session.

Or maybe you’ve woken up in the middle of the night, feeling the bedsheets sticking to your body, your pajamas drenched in sweat. It makes you want to throw everything away (including the bed!) and run straight into the shower. While taking a midnight shower or bath is quite an adventure, it’s totally impractical—given you have to wake up early the next morning to get ready for work.

This was my reality. And quite frankly, I think it has happened to everyone.

So I created my innovative bedding and apparel line to help keep all of us comfortable, cool, and sweat-free during the sweatiest times of the day, reducing the need to shower multiple times to feel fresh and clean. 

Who is Mr. Cool Guy?

I created Mr. Cool Guy Bedding & Apparel with the sole purpose of providing the comfort and coolness we all deserve. The idea was born after I got tired of sweating and feeling uncomfortable while exercising and sleeping and having to shower multiple times per day to feel clean. I felt the sweaty desire (pun intended!) to design a product to rid myself and others of that nasty feeling of drowning in sweat.

So, after a few years of research and development, design creation, ideas thrown in the trash, lots more sweat, and a whole lot of tears . . . Mr. Cool Guy Bedding & Apparel came to life!

What Makes Mr. Cool Guy So Darn Cool?

A unique approach to keeping you cool is what makes Mr. Cool Guy stand out from the crowd. I use a combination of high-velocity fans with lightweight bedding and apparel to create cooling systems you can quickly and easily set up in your home. I put all my effort into designing the best cooling system on the market, paying close attention to every detail and ensuring all my products are of the highest quality. I promise you’ll be happy to have Mr. Cool Guy in your life for many years to come.

Still not sure I've got what you need? Browse through my website to see the latest products from the Mr. Cool Guy line. You’ll be the coolest (and driest) in the room!

-Chris Gayle (Founder and CEO)